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Livestream Schedule

All times are PST

Monday 11/18

  • Scheduled Stream 3pm-6pm

Tuesday 11/19

  • Scheduled Stream 3pm-6pm

Wednesday 11/20

  • Scheduled Stream 4pm-7pm

Thursday 11/21

  1. Nawkris permalink


  2. opomrls permalink


  3. r the times EST/CST/MST/PST?

  4. Lee Roy permalink

    Is there a possibility of having bit more GMT friendly videos,,I like your videos very much but waking up at 6 am to watch them would kill me. ^^

  5. DaWasabi permalink

    Oh, you’re playing Lissandra it seems? Time to go mid 😉

  6. opomrls permalink

    you still dont have it updated

  7. Fluffy Lightning permalink

    To do the mascot dance hit the arrows keys like this – Left Left Right Left Right Right Left Up Up Down Left Right Right Down Up Up Up Left Left Right Down Left Down Down Up Left….now you have done the chicken dance…wait wut?

  8. hotshotnidaleegg retiring gg

  9. Etchgow permalink

    Did you upgrdae texture packs yet for MC. That stained glass lava was intense.

  10. second permalink

    Jenny, i’ve got your number and i’ve got you for the summer, its a bummer how things have gone so fast

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